Tuesday, July 21, 2015

principles about selecting the excellent light

if you want to get a ideal light that lit the complete home you have to star with generating a strategy for both the light and the decoration then you cangetthe

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most gorgeous decor when you switch on the light

simply because the extremely light lighting doesn’t make the decoration of the homelook gorgeous and it can make it look very weak .

just before starting in choosing the acceptable light and decide the spot in which we put the light we have to get in consideration the form of the room

possessing the proper lighting support us to know the suitable form and colour of the room and make you really feel comfortable so consider a appear on these ideas

1) make the variety of lights that are down and not stick in the leading side of the wall if it was large

two) lit the corners of the room which make the area appear larger

three) use the global the light that is widspread in all in excess of the room

4)when we put the corner light in the middle of the room that make  it appear smaller so we have to put them in the corners

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the simple principles for disturbing the light:

in buy to get a light that is widespread in the space we have make lamps in each space with taking in consideration the chandge of the places

making use of some new ideas in the light such as the new materials that make the light moving to the distance that we select

use the lights in the appropriate spots

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