Thursday, July 16, 2015

decoration beneath the stairs new patterns


the area which exist in the stairs make many of us wonder so how to use it as a decorative room and in the identical time profit from it by placing our items in it ? what do we need?


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decoration underneath the stairs new types

if we don’t have a area for the chimney we can use the location under the stairs for the chimney supplied that we have to syudy it properly and know weather the dimension will suit the chimney or not and climate it is a large spot that we can sit  with family members and get pleasure from

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Below Stair Storage

do we miss a place exactly where we hang our garments we can make this room for hangin clothing and even put the footwear especially if it is close to the door  and if we don’t hav e a bathroom we can use it as a tiny bathroom as we can use it as waredrobe the place we place our outfits and our private issues

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Creative Decoration Tips

and final but not least we can make it a spot in which we put books by developing bookcases and organize them

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