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Travel Olympic Nationwide Park in Washington, USA

3 Parks in A single

Olympic National Park is a land of beauty and selection. A day&rsquos exploration can get you from breathtaking mountain vistas with meadows of wildflowers to colorful ocean tidepools. Nestled in the valleys are some of the largest remnants of ancient forests left in the nation. Olympic is like a lot of magical parks in 1. Take some time to check out its distinct faces!

Travel Olympic Nationwide Park in Washington, USA

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 1

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 2

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 3

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 4

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 5

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 6

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 7

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 8

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 9

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 10

Olympic National-Park Washington ,USA 11

Travel The Hoh Rain Forest

Travel the Elwha

Visiting the Elwha

Visiting the Hoh Rain Forest 1

Visiting the Hoh Rain Forest 2

Visiting the Hoh Rain Forest 3

Visiting the Hoh Rain Forest 4

Throughout the winter season, rain falls usually in the Hoh Rain Forest, contributing to the yearly total of 140 to 170 inches (or 12 to 14 feet!) of precipitation every year. The result is a lush, green canopy of both coniferous and deciduous species. Mosses and ferns that blanket the surfaces include another dimension to the enchantment of the rainforest.

The Hoh Rain Forest is positioned in the stretch of the Pacific Northwest rainforest which when spanned the Pacific coast from southeastern Alaska to the central coast of California. The Hoh is a single of the finest remaining examples of temperate rainforest in the United States and is a single of the park&rsquos most common locations.

Travel Hurricane Ridge

Travel Hurricane Ridge 1

Travel Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge is the most very easily accessed mountain area inside of Olympic Nationwide Park. In clear climate, wonderful views can be appreciated throughout the yr. Hurricane Ridge is located 17 miles south of Port Angeles on Hurricane Ridge Road, off Mount Angeles Street.

Travel Kalaloch and Ruby Beach

Kalaloch and Ruby Beach 1

Kalaloch and Ruby Beach 2

Kalaloch and Ruby Beach 3

For thousands of marine species, these coastal waters are a safe haven. The marine setting and offshore islands are protected by 3 national wildlife refuges and Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. The refuges control the islands noticeable above large tide waters for 135 miles along the coast. Massive nesting colonies of birds like typical murres and tufted puffins need these rocky outposts.

Kalaloch is one particular of the most visited places of Olympic Nationwide Park. Kalaloch and Ruby Beach are situated on the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula. They are accessible straight off of Highway 101.

Travel Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent 1

Lake Crescent 2

Nestled in the northern foothills of the Olympic Mountains, Lake Crescent lies about 18 miles west of Port Angeles (directions). The pristine waters of this deep, glacially carved lake make it an excellent location for those in search of all-natural elegance.

A enormous landslide isolated Lake Crescent from Lake Sutherland approximately seven,000 many years ago. There are two uniquely adapted populations, the Crescenti and Beardslee trout, that resulted from genetic isolation following this event.

Travel Ozette

Ozette 1

Ozette 2


Regardless of whether it&rsquos the tall seastacks that dot the coast, the crystal waters of Lake Ozette, or the grandeur of the old growth forests, the landscape of Ozette is complete of options to investigate a diverse landscape.

Ozette is found on the northwestern coast of the Olympic Peninsula. This region is reached by Hoko-Ozette Road off Highway 112.

Travel Mora and Rialto Beach

Mora and Rialto Beach 1

Mora and Rialto Beach 2

Mora and Rialto Beach 3

Mora and Rialto Beach 4

Rocky seashores, giant drift logs, pounding waves and views of offshore islands recognized as &lsquoseastacks&rsquo are attributes that define Rialto Seashore.

Just inland is the Mora spot, characterized by towering trees, lush undergrowth and the omnipresent roar of the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Rialto Seashore is accessible by Mora Road, off of La Push Road. Rialto Seashore is about 36 miles southwest of Lake Crescent, and about 75 miles from Port Angeles.

Travel The Sol Duc Valley

The Sol Duc Valley 1

The Sol Duc Valley 2

The Sol Duc Valley 3

Stream, Sol Duc Trail, Olympic National Park, Washington

The Sol Duc Valley 5

Outdated-growth forest, subalpine lakes, and snowy peaks populate the Sol Duc landscape, whilst the Sol Duc River serves as a crucial highway for coho salmon, working by means of the valley and ascending to the lakes and headwaters in the surrounding mountains.

The Sol Duc Valley is found in the northwest area of the park. Just forty minutes west of Port Angeles, the Sol Duc is accessed by turning off Highway 101 onto the Sol Duc Street.

Travel Staircase

Staircase 1

Staircase 2

Enormous trunks reach for the sky, lacy limbs stretch to the sun, grooved bark is sanctuary to tiny creatures in the huge cathedral of Douglas-firs that dominate the forests on this side of the Olympic Peninsula.

Staircase is situated in the southeastern corner of Olympic National Park, about a 1-hour drive from Olympia, and two hours south of Port Angeles.

Travel Quinault

Quinault 1

Quinault 2

Quinault 3

Quinault 4

The Quinault Valley is a wilderness gateway to alpine meadows, jeweled lakes and ice-carved peaks. For shorter visits, the valley has a scenic loop drive and brief trails via temperate rain forest in each Olympic Nationwide Park and Olympic Nationwide Forest.

Quinault is located in the southwestern spot of the park, about a three-hour drive from Port Angeles and one hour from Forks.

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